LIVE Music Programs

Now offering TWO venues:

The Balboa Theatre & The Joan B. Kroc Theatre

Classics 4 Kids Concerts FAQ

For inquiries or assistance, please contact us via email at or call 619-231-2311. Do not contact the theaters directly.

Concert times are 9:45 am and 11:45 am. Each performance is 50-60 minutes long.

Tickets are $8 for non-Title 1 students, parent chaperones, and homeschool groups.

Tickets are $7 for Title 1 students and parent chaperones.

Teachers and classroom aides are free

Our programs are designed for students in grades K-6th.

Performances may have amplified music, bright lights, and/or other noises during the performance. Please reach out to C4K for more specific information at

Additional tickets are $10 per person. We cannot guarantee that you will be sitting with your group. Cash is preferred.

We require at least 1 adult for every 8 children, but there is no limit to the number of chaperones that can attend.

Balboa Theatre does not have storage for lunches; however, we will try to accommodate you if you bring them. Please use paper bags.

We suggest the following options for lunch spots:

 The area near Panera Bread – 225 Broadway Cir Suite 160, San Diego, CA 92101

- Children’s Park, 326 W Harbor Dr, San Diego, CA 92101 – 5-MINUTE DRIVE/11-MINUTE WALK

- Neighborhood Park (small area) – Front St & W F St, San Diego, CA 92101 3 MINUTE DRIVE/ 6 MINUTE WALK

For Joan B. Kroc Theatre - 

These are the closest parks near Kroc Theatre:

Rolando Park - 6600 Vigo Dr, La Mesa, CA 91942
5-minute walk, 2-minute drive

Vista La Mesa Park - 3955 King St, La Mesa, CA 91941
18-minute walk, 2-minute drive

Sunshine Park - 4554 70th St, La Mesa, CA 91941
20-minute walk, 2-minute drive

If you arrived on a bus, please wait on your bus for a Staff Member to check you in.

We provide you with signs, please distribute the signs amongst your adults to help the ushers seat your group.

You will be instructed by a staff when to unload to come into the theater. Please be patient.

If you did not come on a bus, please send a group lead to the lobby to check in and pick up your school signs.

We do not provide physical tickets - Your confirmation with a staff member and an invoice will be provided to you.

All adults are required to wear the wristbands provided to enter the theater. Wristbands will be mailed to the school approx. one week before the concerts.

If you did not receive your wristbands or require additional, they can be picked up upon check-in at the theater.

Classics 4 Kids has limited bus scholarships available for Title 1 Schools. Bus scholarship funds cover district buses only and bus(es) MUST be full.
  • A school site rep must book the bus(es) through your school district.
  • If approved, C4K will reimburse your school for the cost of the bus. A receipt or invoice must be provided.
Timeline for scholarship approval
  • Submit the request for a bus scholarship when you register for the concert. Link will be provided on the concert registration form.
  • Approval is on a first come first served basis, based on funds and/or district buses.
  • If approved, C4K will reach out to your district accounting department after the concerts for an invoice to reimburse the cost of the bus(es).
  • You must book your bus(es) within a week of approval. 
  • Students are required to write thank you notes and submit them to Classics 4 Kids after the performance.


Full payment is due 7 days prior to your concert field trip date. Please let a team member know if you are unable to pay prior. Please send payment to the Classics 4 Kids office checks payable to Classics 4 Kids: 3033 Fifth Avenue Suite 227, San Diego, CA 92103 ATTN: Kiran Shelat, Executive Director

You can adjust your numbers up 7 days prior. Please email if you need to make changes.

Please indicate your name, the school's name, and the specific concert with the new attendee count. Tickets will still be $7 per person.

All ticket sales are final. Once you have paid for a certain number of seats, those seats are reserved for your group and cannot be sold to anyone else.

We suggest that buses arrive 30 minutes prior to the start of each performance (9:15 am for the 9:45 show and 11:15 am for the 11:45 am show). Seating will begin 30 minutes prior to the start of each performance.

Balboa Theatre: Parking is available at the ABM Horton Plaza Garage on Fourth Avenue – 801 Fourth Ave, San Diego, CA 92101.

Parking is $10 if you enter the garage before 9:30 am and exit the garage by 6 pm.

After 9:30 am – Balboa Theatre has validation stickers for a $10 flat rate. Please bring your parking ticket into the theater and ask a staff member.

Kroc Theatre - Please park in the Kroc Theatre parking lot on campus.

If you came on a bus, please stay seated until your group is instructed to leave by an usher. Groups will be dismissed as their buses arrive at the theater. Please be patient as this will take some time. Classics 4 Kids is unable to control the order in which the buses return to the theater.

If you did not come on a bus, your group can leave once the concert is over.

There is no food allowed in the theater, however, adults may bring in coffee or water.

There is absolutely no videotaping or recording permitted DURING the Classics 4 Kids' concerts. The orchestra is part of the Musician's Union which has very strict rules against the recording.

You may take pictures before and after the performance – we would LOVE to see them.
Tag us on social media: @classics4kids

Classics 4 Kids adheres to the California Department of Public Health's COVID safety protocols by eliminating all policies. Masks are optional and hand sanitizer will be available.