Inspiring children through the experience of music

A student-centric focus on music education is at the heart of what makes Classics 4 Kids unique. We take a comprehensive approach to deliver our program at each partner school,
ensuring sustainability and long-term success.

Sound Waves: Water Music

November 12 - November 15

Musica y Baile: Rhythms of Puerto Rico

March 4, 2025 - March 6, 2025

Assemblies @ Schools


Rockin’ Brass Trio

In-School 45-minute Assembly Spark your students' imaginations with this Brass Trio from the award-winning Classics Philharmonic Orchestra. This presentation is aligned with CA Arts [...]


Música de Mariachi

Three talented string musicians from the esteemed Classics Philharmonic Orchestra showcase the art of storytelling through violin, viola, and cello...


STEAM: Pattern Play Trio

In-School 45-minute Assembly This STEAM-centered in-school assembly connects patterns in music to science, mathematics, and language arts. Students learn about string and woodwind instruments [...]

Virtual Programs for Schools

C4K provided music education to almost 26,000 Title 1 students during our 2023-2024 Season!

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