Inspiring children through the experience of music

A student-centric focus on music education is at the heart of what makes Classics 4 Kids unique. We take a comprehensive approach to deliver our program at each partner school,
ensuring sustainability and long-term success.

Classics 4 Kids’ Meet & Greet program is in memory of Jane M. Mueller

Orchestra Concerts @ The Balboa Theatre


Art + Science = Violin

March 8th & 9th, 2022 – 9:45am or 11:30am - International violinist Annelle Gregory joins the Classics Philharmonic Orchestra and Conductor Dana Zimbric in an engaging STEAM concert featuring a star of the concert stage. Be “wowed” by the history, physics, culture, and versatility of the violin, and learn how art + science = violin.


Journey Into Jazz

May 24th & 25th, 2022– 9:45am or 11:30am - Get ready to jazz-up your year! Join the Classics Philharmonic Orchestra, Conductor Dana Zimbric, and special guests in this fun and toe-tapping STEAM program. Experience music by diverse jazz composers and learn the story of American and Latin Jazz.

Virtual Programs for Schools



25-minute Live Virtual "Field Trip"Elementary students within San Diego County are eligible to receive our free educational program. It features an interactive musical performance by [...]

Assemblies @ Schools


Música de Mariachi

In-School 45-minute Assembly Mariachi Expert Mr. Mario Eguia will get your students dancing, strumming, and tapping to the poly-rhythmic beats. Students learn the basic [...]


STEAM: Pattern Play Trio

In-School 45-minute AssemblyThis STEAM-centered in-school assembly connects patterns in music to science, mathematics, and language arts. Students learn about string and woodwind instruments, perform on [...]

Heartstrings Outreach


C4K provided music education to over 24,000 Title 1 students in San Diego during our 2020-2021 Season!

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