4/4 Campaign

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to sustain our innovative music education programs in San Diego County Schools through the end of the academic year!


GOAL: $6,400

to support 3,200 students currently on our waiting list to receive our Meet & Greet programs this Spring


Your recurring donation of $40 in March – April – May – June

supports 80 students!




What have we accomplished since we launched our virtual programming?

  • Virtual “Meet & Greet” live education programs to over 4,500 students via Zoom.
  • 66% of these students were from Title 1, low-income schools.
  • 3,500 more students are on a waiting list to receive our programs this Spring.


Our programs are in-demand! Here’s what local teachers have to say:

I want to thank you for providing this gift to our students. Although distance learning is taking place in some shape or form, students are going through social and emotional ups and downs. They’re missing their classrooms, their friends, their routines, their teachers, etc. If we can bring some joy into their lives through music and help put a smile on their faces, we’ve done something wonderful. Thank you!

This was perfect! THANK YOU so much for providing this amazing opportunity for our class! We can’t wait to see you again next year… hopefully AT Balboa Theater! But, at least in this fashion! 

As a teacher, I have attended all 3 C4K concerts for the past several years. It is heartwarming to know that the concert experience will not be totally lost for my students. Thank you!

Many of my students were telling me afterward how they were thinking of selecting music as an elective because of the presentation.

It offered a great opportunity to learn more about music…something so very often overlooked in school funding.



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