In-School 45-minute Assembly

Mariachi Expert Mr. Mario Eguia will get your students dancing, strumming, and tapping to the poly-rhythmic beats. Students learn the basic physics behind how mariachi instruments make their sounds, and how their rhythms layer to form this special musical style. *Spanish and English programs available.

• 45-minute sessions for grades K-5. Spanish and English programs are available

• Aligned with CA Arts Standards

• Includes Social-Emotional Learning Concepts, arts integration, and music from BIPOC and female composers.

Classics 4 Kids is a San Diego Unified School District-approved vendor with a Professional Services Agreement (PSA). Click HERE to learn how to use PSA Funds to access Classics 4 Kids programs.

Assemblies Registration

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    We require a minimum of two assemblies for: STEAM Pattern Play Trio, Rockin’ Brass Trio and Superpowered String Trio. Mariachi Assembly we can accommodate 1 assembly - Subject to location of the school. We can accommodate up to three assemblies in one day for all 4 programs.
  • STEAM: Pattern Play Trio, Brass Trio and String Trio: We can accommodate up to 150 students per assembly. Música de Mariachi: We can accommodate up to 250 students per assembly
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How do I sign up for an assembly? 

If you would like to book an assembly for your students, please complete the Assembly Request form.

How long are the assemblies? 

Our assemblies are 45 minutes long, which includes the performance as well as time in the end for students to ask our musicians questions.

How much does the program cost? 

Cost is dependent upon the number of assemblies requested, school Title 1 classification, and travel for our staff and musicians. For more information, please contact C4K Program Manager, Corrine Huber –

How many assemblies can we book in one day?

A minimum of two assemblies of the same program is required per booking, and we can accommodate up to three groups in one day.

How many students can attend an assembly? 

Música de Mariachi program can accommodate around 250 students per performance – this allows the musicians to best engage with the group.  

Which ages are the programs appropriate for? 

Our programs are designed for elementary students in grades PreK-5th and are tailored to suit the grade level of the students in attendance.

When is payment due? 

Payment is due in full on or before the day of your assembly(ies). Please make checks payable to Classics 4 Kids and send to our office:

Classics 4 Kids

ATTN: Kiran Shelat, Executive Director

3740 Fourth Avenue, San Diego, CA 92103

Can we take pictures during the assembly? 

Yes! Still photography is permitted, but no videos please.  

C4K provided music education to almost 26,000 Title 1 students during our 2023-2024 Season!

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