Does “The Mozart Effect” Actually Work?


Chances are you have heard of the theory that simply listening to classical music will make you smarter– otherwise known as the “Mozart Effect.” While the basic idea of the “Mozart Effect” is true, popular culture’s countless books, articles, and other reports of the idea are not 100% accurate. In fact just recently, a Harvard University study illustrated that music does not enhance childrens’ cognitive abilities. Additionally, the original 1993 report which led to the invention of the “Mozart Effect” found that cognitive gains from listening to Mozart only last for about 10 minutes. The “Mozart Effect” is shrouded in myths [...]

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Classics 4 Kids is Recruiting New Members to Join Advisory Council


Classics 4 Kids needs you for our Advisory Council! What is the purpose of our Advisory Council? Our Advisory Council is a volunteer group of community members formed to give advice and support to Classics 4 Kids’ staff. The is a no liability governance role that consists of individuals from community activists to music lovers. What is our Mission? Inspiring children through the experience of music, generating creativity, academic success and cultural understanding. Who are we? Classics 4 Kids provides critical music education through professional orchestra concerts, in-school workshops, online programs and community events designed for elementary students. Our culturally diverse [...]

Classics 4 Kids is Recruiting New Members to Join Advisory Council2021-01-14T10:03:26-08:00

Artistic Director Dana Zimbric Inspires Youth Through Music


Dana Zimbric has been benefitting children throughout San Diego County with music education since 2003. This classically-trained conductor is on a mission to make classical music relevant, engaging and accessible for today’s audiences. She holds a Bachelor’s of Music and a Master’s of Music in Orchestral Conducting. In a competitive field that severely lacks leadership positions for women, she is paving the way for female conductors. She has led the San Diego State University Symphony Orchestra and Honors Orchestras with the San Diego Unified School District as a guest conductor and has also served the San Diego Youth Symphony. She holds [...]

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Classics 4 Kids Thanks Mimi Lee for 15+ Years of Support!


Mimi Lee is one of San Diego’s most remarkable community champions. She is a former teacher who specialized in students with special needs. After teaching, her second career was to advocate for special needs students at Grossmont Community College as the Chair of Disabled Student Services. During her 22-year tenure, she served on the Academic Senate and the Grossmont Hospital Rehabilitation Advisory Board,  achieved the rank of Professor, and was named a Grossmont College Distinguished Chair. She was also honored by the El Cajon Soroptomists International as a Woman of Action. In her 16 years of retirement, she has become involved [...]

Classics 4 Kids Thanks Mimi Lee for 15+ Years of Support!2021-01-05T11:51:11-08:00

C4K Music Educator’s Mariachi Ensemble Holds Virtual Holiday Concert


Mario Eguia is one of Classics 4 Kids’ premier music educators, specializing in Mariachi. Mario plays the guitar, ukulele, trumpet, and many others. He also teaches these instruments in private and group lessons. Although he has no favorite instrument to play, he has a soft spot for the power of voice, and dearly misses in-person, live performances. He cherishes any opportunity he has to share his art with others, which is why Mario and the City Heights Music School musicians will present their “Holiday Zoom Concert” tonight beginning at 7:00pm.  During their live event, the City Heights Music School and Mariachi [...]

C4K Music Educator’s Mariachi Ensemble Holds Virtual Holiday Concert2020-12-18T13:46:34-08:00

The Old Globe Provides Equal Access to Musical Theater through Free Radio Performances


Public health restrictions during the COVID-19 Pandemic have resulted in many performing arts organizations innovating solutions to continue fulfilling their missions. While many groups, including Classics 4 Kids, are providing virtual performances and educational opportunities via Zoom, The Old Globe Theatre took a different approach. They are hosting their production of "Dr. Seuss’s How the Grinch Stole Christmas! On the Radio" on December 20th at noon, and on December 24th at 6:00pm. The Old Globe opted out of streaming the production on video, and have decided to host the performance over radio, as was common in the pre-television era. As the [...]

The Old Globe Provides Equal Access to Musical Theater through Free Radio Performances2020-12-15T14:23:11-08:00

Dana Zimbric Hosts Special Event for San Diego Students


Earlier today, Classics4Kids held our Meet & Greet Special Event hosted by Artistic Director and Conductor, Dana Zimbric. The Meet & Greet Special Event was a live virtual program designed for students at home to learn more about music from a C4K educator.  Throughout the event, Dana showcased her piano, named “Hershey,” and played a variety of classical songs from composers like Beethoven and Tchaikovsky. During her performances, Dana received lots of audience participation. Once the students were taught to conduct in a 4/4 pattern and a 3/4 pattern, they helped Ms. Zimbric to perfectly play her songs. And, for her [...]

Dana Zimbric Hosts Special Event for San Diego Students2020-12-03T14:40:05-08:00

Kiran Shelat – Finalist in 2020 “Business Women of the Year” Awards


by Isaiah Crooks, C4K Intern:   This week I had the pleasure of sitting down and talking to Kiran Shelat, the Executive Director at Classics4Kids. Kiran is a finalist for the prestigious San Diego Business Journal’s “2020 Business Women of the Year Award”. This award “recognizes dynamic women business leaders who have contributed significantly to San Diego’s workplaces and communities.”  Kiran was nominated for the award by Kelly Makley– the Communications and Development Coordinator at Classics4Kids– who recognized Kiran’s exceptional hard-work, positive leadership, and dedication to bringing music education to low income students across San Diego County. Kiran’s role as Executive [...]

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Artistic Director/Conductor Dana Zimbric’s Feature in SD Voyager


Music can share so much – from emotional response, to history, to amazing stories. Music can capture our shared humanity in so many wonderful and inspiring ways. I can’t imagine doing anything else.VISIT SD VOYAGER to read their most recent "Shout Out" and learn more about what inspired our Artistic Director and Conductor, Dana Zimbric, to pursue a creative path.

Artistic Director/Conductor Dana Zimbric’s Feature in SD Voyager2020-11-03T13:21:41-08:00
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