Mario Eguia is one of Classics 4 Kids’ premier music educators, specializing in Mariachi. Mario plays the guitar, ukulele, trumpet, and many others. He also teaches these instruments in private and group lessons. Although he has no favorite instrument to play, he has a soft spot for the power of voice, and dearly misses in-person, live performances. He cherishes any opportunity he has to share his art with others, which is why Mario and the City Heights Music School musicians will present their “Holiday Zoom Concert” tonight beginning at 7:00pm

During their live event, the City Heights Music School and Mariachi Victoria de San Diego musicians will bring your favorite holiday classics to life in an effort to bring back the holiday joy that is desperately needed in today’s times. The CHMS musicians are a diverse group, as ages range from 9 to 84 years old. Mario is the group’s director and has been in the position for five years running. 

Before heading the group, Mario began his musical journey at age 14 when his grandfather gifted him his first guitar. Soon after, Mario started travelling around Southern California with his Mariachi band as well playing the tuba in his high school’s marching band. Once he graduated high school, Mr. Eguia joined the Navy and took a hiatus from music. However, he quickly understood that music was his life’s passion and decided to take it on professionally. 

All of this has led Mario to join Classics 4 Kids as a Music Educator, where he was recommended for the job by an acquaintance working at Southwestern College. Mario loves his role as a C4K educator and is astonished everyday by the intense professionalism and passion shown by the C4K family. He loves working with children and having the opportunity to teach them the joy of music. The C4K family thanks Mario for his hard-work and enthusiasm, and encourages everyone to attend the show tonight.

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-by Isaiah Crooks, C4K Intern